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Ireland Landscapes - quality work that stands the test of time

There is a never a 'one-solution-suits-all' when it comes to landscaping in Kent because so much depends on each individual location, the condition of the ground, the types of soil and drainage and so on. However, the information on this page provides an indication of the kinds of landscaping services Ireland Landscapes has to offer. Contact Paul Ireland today on 07767 683747 to make a hassle-free appointment.

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Main services


Using block, stone or crazy paving, Ireland Landscapes will always design the perfect path, driveway or walkway to your exact specifications with affordable but high quality materials.


Our fence-work is carefully and sensitively blended with your existing planting and borders with a wide choice of panels and boards for you to choose from.

Jungles cleared

When it comes to knuckling down to some serious jungle clearance there is no better man for the job than Paul Ireland.



Perfect for adding a new dimension to your garden, a patio installation is an extremely affordable way to create a great space for entertaining friends and family or simply for you to unwind in.

Concrete bases

For garages and extensions and any flooring requiring a concrete base, Ireland Landscapes are known throughout the region for top quality concrete base-work that stands the test of time.

Walls and groundwork

We provide excellent groundwork, and our boundary walls are constructed using the best and most attractive stone currently available.



Using premier quality grass, we provide seamless, well-bedded showpiece lawns and front garden landscaped areas for all year round excellence and cover.